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Stitched Mouth Tutorial

First open the image you want to add the stitched mouth to.
Zoom in on the mouth to 200%

Select the brush tool & match my settings below:

You can make the size 1px to 2px bigger if needed for your picture.

Add a new layer (Layer - New - Layer)
Make sure the new layer is selected & draw some black lines over the mouth.
[Extra Tip: the more curved at the top the lines are the more loose the stitches will look.]

This is what I have so far:

Go to Layer - Layer Style - Dropshadow & match my settings here! [click]

Select the burn tool () & match my settings below:

Using the burn tool click 2-4 times at the end of each black line.
Select the Brush Tool again. Keep the hardness at 0% & change the size to 5px.

Set the color of the brush to dark red (I used hex code 660000)
Make a new layer (Layer - New - Layer)
Click once at the end of each line.

Set that layer to Multiply on the layers palette.
[if you don't know where the blending mode box is click here!]

Select the smudge tool ()
Set the Strength to 15% & the size somewhere from 4-6px

Click on one of the red dots you put on the end of the stitches & drag down.
Repeat that step til you get it to look how you want!

Add any other editing effects you want to your picture & You're Done!
Finished Product: