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Neon Text Tutorial

comment if you use and if it helped you!
Open a new document or the image you're adding the neon text to.
Pick the color you want to use & any font - I'm using this one! (click click click)!
Write out your text.
Go to Layer - Layer Style - Stroke
Match your settings to mine below!

You can download the preset gradient & just change the pink colors to match your text
by downloading the gradient file here! (click click click)
To open: Click the gradient tool on your toolbar. Click the little arrow in the top right corner of your preset gradients box.
Click Load Gradients. Find the gradient file you just downloaded (named neon-text.grd)
Or if you have the option on your computer. just click open with photoshop.

There you go! So after you load the gradient to use for your stroke
& change the colors to your liking - go to Layer - Layer Style - Outer Glow.
Match your settings to mine below!

^change the pink color to whatever color you chose for your text & gradient stroke.^

I put mine on a dark background and added no effects,
but play around with it to get what you want!

Finished Product: